Alma and Helen

Oil and Tempera, Mische Technique

This uses a still from Finding Cinderella, a BBC documentary about Wunderkind Alma Deutscher, then aged just 12, but a virtuoso violinist, virtuoso pianist and composer of genius, having written two operas, one of which, her take on the Cinderella story, has now been performed at a number of major opera houses.

The picture shows her with her (also brilliant) younger sister Helen (on the right), being sent inspiration from Maria Anna (Nannerl) Mozart, Wolfgang's elder sister, who was also a talented musician, but unable to make a career of this in an age when Kinder, Küche, Kirche were all that was expected of women. Alma positively seethes at the injustice!

Watch the whole documentary. As a very young girl she had a whole cast of imaginary friends, all musicians, and Brigid's son, Chris, who is writing this, and who commissioned the painting, wonders if Antonin Yellowsink, one of these, is not, based on his high romantic style, Antonín Dvořák. The painting hangs by my piano, in hopes that it will inspire me to practise more. So far, so not good.